Time to Start Connecting

Blogging. I’ve wanted to start for the past two years but I let the fear of putting myself and my writing out there stop me. I kept saying, “I’ll start a blog soon, I have plenty of time.” Well enough is enough, the time is now. My hope is that eventually this blog can grow to become a part of my profession/personal learning community. I have so much to say but so little time. No more excuses though. So here we go…

This past week I turned down the path of a connected educator. I’m currently half way through What Connected Educators Do Differently (Whitaker, Zoul and Casas) and already I feel empowered to become connected. I want to open myself up to the education world. I want to share, learn, and collaborate with other educators from around the world. Education is a complex puzzle, one that requires teamwork to piece together. I’m extremely fortunate to teach during this digital age but with so many resources available, it can become overwhelming. As a connected educator, I’ll have the support of thousands of other educators. I’ll also be able to give back, help others, share out, listen, answer questions, ask questions, etc. Building a professional and personal learning community is the first step towards growing as an educator. I want to move past the walls of a school and out into the world. I’m ready to share my thoughts and open up as a connected educator!


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