Gamification has been a word stuck in my head ever since I became a teacher. I’ve always loved video games, especially the level of engagement they provide. Last year I started to brainstorm and plan out how I could gamify my class but with limited time and resources, I gave up for the time being.

Thankfully, Michael Matera has published his new book Explore Like a Pirate. It’s all about gamification and how to go about implementing it into classrooms. Needless to say, I couldn’t put down the book once I started. It’s like a dream come true for me. I honestly felt a stirring inside of me while I read.  I still have some reading to finish but the part I’m currently reading is all about planning things out so I’m taking it slow. I can tell this will be a book I reference back to many times. Rather than wait for more time, I’m going to make time. I would love to experiment with some gamification in at least one unit this year. I can’t wait to see how my students react when they realize I’ve created a game for them to play in ELA while learning.


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