Slow and Steady

I used to think that multitasking was a good thing, but nowadays I try to focus on one thing at time. With teaching, there’s so many areas that I want to grow: differentiating, assessment, conferences, feedback, etc. I must take it one step at a time, if not, I’ll burn out.

Though, it’s easier said than done. I still attempt to do too much at once. I want to read more. I want to write more. I want to learn more. I want to blog more. I want to tweet more. I want to use Voxer. The list goes on and on, but for now I must be able to say no. I must be okay with not doing everything at once.

In the past, I would be disappointed when I realized I hadn’t been on Twitter in a few days or I hadn’t finished that book I said I’d finish. Some days I would sit and sulk, but now I’m becoming much better at managing my time. Trying to live in the moment, focusing my efforts on one things at a time.

I would also try to read up on all the news in the tech world, sports world and beyond. I used the app Flipboard whenever I had a free second, trying to read one more article. I always viewed it as beneficial, yet when I looked at it from a different perspective, it really just created a false sense of urgency. I felt disappointed if I went a day without using it.

A few weeks ago, I deleted Flipboard. I no longer read up on the tech world or the sports world. I don’t need to know everything that’s happening and quiet frankly, I couldn’t even if I tried. I’m okay with not knowing everything that’s going on. I’m more focused on cultivating my passions.

Simply put, I can’t do it all and I will never have it all figured out. Though I can slow down and better manage my time. This means I won’t always be reading up on the news, tweeting out about education, or writing something new and I’m okay with that or at least I’m getting there.


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