Sixteen drafts

I have sixteen drafts on my blog. Sixteen pieces of writing sitting there, waiting to be published. Sixteen pieces of writing I never finished. Sixteen pieces I gave up on. At least sixteen times I’ve gone to write something on my blog and I quit. I fell short. I stopped myself out of fear of reflecting publicly.

During one of my twitter sessions, I read about how blogging is for the writer, no one else. It’s reflecting. Rarely will others read what I’m writing. Yet, sixteen times I stopped because I was afraid of what others would think of my writing. Others that don’t even exist. It’s kind of sad.

No more. I’m publishing my reflections regardless of the quality. This is for my improvement.

I wrote that 2017 was my year of less. So far, I still try to do too much- or rather I’ve shifted from doing too much to worrying about doing too little.

I haven’t checked twitter in a few days.

Completely forgot about Voxer.

What blog?

Daily writing….right.

Sometimes when I’m driving my mind bounces from one thing to another that I “should” have done. It’s quite annoying but something that I’m learning to avoid. There will always be something that I can’t do, or that I forget to do. I can only do so much. It’s okay if I miss something.


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