Student Reflections

I’ve told my students that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to appeal to every student, every single day. There will be some days they enjoy more than others. It’s natural. As I’m reading through their quarter 2 reflections, they’re showing me just how diverse they are.

I asked them for feedback about my teaching, what they enjoy most/least, what they wish we did more of/less of, and to describe this class to someone not in it. Just like quarter 1, this is some of the most meaningful feedback I receive. Sure some of it is random or I can tell a student didn’t put much thought into it but there are obvious patterns.

When asked what we should do more of/less of or what they liked/disliked, I’m noticing that for every student that wants more of something, there is another student that wants less of it. One student loves writing blog posts, while another hates it. As much as I’d love all the responses to be the same and say I love everything and dislike nothing, that would be boring and make things too easy.

As I continue to read, I realize just how important is it that I provide students with choice in now only how they learn but what they learn.


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